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Cooperation with the society is one of the University's most important tasks. School of Global Studies cooperates with a number of actors outside the academic world; foremost public authorities such as Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sida, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, the Swedish Migration Board, the Delegation for Human Rights in Sweden, the Swedish Road Administration.

But cooperation at the department with the surrounding society also encompasses collaboration with aid and environmental non-governmental organisations.

Cooperation can take the form of contract education or research, evaluations and reports on specific issues as part of the basis for authorities decisions, etc.

Within the fields of academic research and education School of Global Studies cooperates through a range of different joint projects, exchanges and networks both in Sweden and abroad.

Some examples;

  • Centre for Globalization and Development (CGD)
    School of Global Studies is founding member of the Centre for Globalization and Development (CGD) at the University of Gothenburg. The Centre conducts and promotes research on how globalization processes affect development in the South, and seeks to identify appropriate domestic and international policy responses.
  • Gender and Development Network (GADNET)
    GADNET – Gender and Development Network
    is a national network open for researchers based in Sweden with a gender perspective on global development issues. The overarching goal of GADNET is to create and maintain a national research community of researchers in Sweden with research interests in gender and development issues, connected to each other through the network (GADNET).
  • Gender and Development in Practice (GADIP)
    The network Gender and Development in Practice - GADIP aims at facilitating exchanges of knowledge and experiences between researchers and practitioners - for example by translating academic discourse into NGO language and telling academia about needs of NGOs in relation to research. It is a forum for dialogue between practitioners and researchers, where practitioners have the possibility to be updated on latest research within their areas of interest, and where researchers are confronted with experiences in the field.
    Peace and Devlopment Research within the School of Global Studies is a member of GARNET, "a Network of Excellence on Global Governance, Regionalisation and Regulation: The Role of the EU."
  • Capacity building in war torn societies
    School of Global Studies has a long tradition of working with capacity building in education in war torn societies. Projects include Peace College in Jerusalem, Reconstruction and Reconciliation in Rwanda, Social Reconstruction in North and Northeast of Sri Lanka, Interuniversity Cooperation in Macedonia.


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