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Global Migration Seminar: Transit Migrants of South East Asia and their access to higher education - OUR


The lecture will explore the global responsibilities of academia regarding access to education for migrants and share experiences on working with transit migrants in South East Asia.

All Global Migration Seminars start with a common breakfast at 8:30 in the kitchen at School of Global Studies (Fourth floor, house 2E, Campus Linné). Welcome!

Introducing Open Universities for Refugees (OUR), an independent academic initiative, building knowledge networks and consortia to offer higher education to displaced communities in South East Asia.

The lecture will explore the global responsibilities of academia and will share OUR's experience in Malaysia and Indonesia working with the transit migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Myanmar, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq.

Gül ¿nanç is a lecturer at School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her areas of interest and expertise include: modern diplomatic history of West Asia, history and intercultural education for peace.

She has three books and various articles on Turkish diplomatic history. Her recent published work focuses mostly on history education for secondary schools, intercultural and global cultural heritage education for peace and conflict resolution.

In 2004 she headed the team which re-wrote the history text book (3rd Vol) for high school education in North Cyprus. In 2007 she was the first Turkish scholar to teach simultaneously at the University of Cyprus (the Greek Cypriot state university) and Eastern Mediterranean University (Turkish Cypriot state university).

Her current projects include creating student activity books/animated films/story books promoting global cultural heritage, deciphering the codes of contemporary religious art in the interfaith contexts and working with UNESCO on writing teacher¿s source books for ASEAN countries.
She has been awarded Koh Boon Hwee Scholar in 2016.

Föreläsare: Dr. Gül Inanç, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Datum: 2017-12-20

Tid: 09:15 - 11:00

Kategorier: Socialt arbete, Tvärvetenskap, Mångfald, Lärande, Internationellt, Jämlikhet/jämställdhet, Utbildning, Sustainable development

Arrangör: CGM

Plats: Globala studier, Konstepidemins väg 2

Kontaktperson: Centre on Global Migration

Sidansvarig: Helena Svensson|Sidan uppdaterades: 2014-09-16

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