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Research Projects

There are a wide range of ongoing research projects in Peace and Development, Human Ecology/Environmental Social Science, Human Rights och Social Anthropology. For more information about the projects, contact the researcher.

Peace and Development

International Courts and the Interpretation of International Criminal Law. Contact: Nora Stappert

Legitimacy outside the State: Governing the Global Internet. Contact: Jan Aart Scholte

Civil Society and the Resilience of Liberalism. Contact: Jens Sörensen

A Study of Civic Resistance and its Impact on Democracy. Contact: Mona Lilja

Social sustainability and water infrastucture and the making of the South African post apartheid state. Contact: Sofie Hellberg

Discourse and Security Practice. Sofie Hellberg Joakim Berndtsson Peter Johansson

Understanding Conflict-Related Sexual Violence. Contact: Maria Stern

Conflict-related sexual violence analysis: what, when, how. Contact: Maria Stern

Mass mobilization as driving force of globalized Arab democratization. Contact: Michael Schulz

Peace Education´s impact on relationship building and societal conflicts. Contact: Michael Schulz

A Paradoxical Conflict over World Heritage at the Border between Cambodia and Thailand. Contact: Mona Lilja

The futures of genders and sexualities. Cultural products, transnational spaces and emerging communities. Contact: Mona Lilja Mikela Lundahl

Globalization of Resistance: Influences on Democracy Advocators in Civil Society in the South. Contact: Michael Schulz 

Regional Organizations in Africa. Contact: Fredrik Söderbaum

Legitimacy in Global Governance. Contact: Fredrik Söderbaum Jan Aart Scholte

Taking it to the Ground - Peacebuilding through a Local government Approach. Contact: Joakim Öjendal

Peacebuilding amidst Violence – Localising the security-development nexus. Contact: Joakim Öjendal

Seeking justice from afar: Diasporas and transitional justice. Contact: Camilla Orjuela

Political Transition and Religious Radicalization in Burma and Sri Lanka. Contact: Camilla Orjuela

What room for whom in the transnational policy making arena in aid recipient states? A comparative study of Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zambia. Contact: Isabell Schierenbeck

The Militarisation of Development - The US Africa Command and the Merging of Civilian and Military. Contact: Jan Bachmann

Political Engineering- the imbrications of infrastructure, security and political order in contemporary western statebuilding. Contact: Jan Bachmann

Migration, securitization and corruption - in relation to border control practices and detention in Malaysia and Greece. Contact: Anja Karlsson Franck

Masculinities in the Gothenburg trade union movement with emphasis upon the port of Gothenburg. Contact: Anja Karlsson Franck Gunilla Blomqvist Sköldberg

Degrees of contestation - relations between smallholders and investors in large-scale agricultural investments. Contact: Malin Nystrand

What does national ownership do to local participation? Cambodia and Rwandan in the midst of development trends and buzzwords. Kontakt: Malin Hasselskog

Human Ecology/Environmental Social Science

Women on Wheels. Contact: Merritt Polk

Environmental Collaborative Governance in Large Carnivore Management: Policy and Institutional Design, Administrative Leadership and Stakeholders. Contact: Annelie Sjölander-Lindqvist

Rethinking the links between farm modernization, rural development and resilience in a world of increasing demands and finite resources. Contact: Gunilla Almered Olsson

Analyzing the sustainability of the Burkina Faso Parklands i the face of changing economic, policy and climate conditions. Contact: Per Knutsson

Human health and well being at risk: scenarios for climate change induced harmful microbial blooms along the Indian west coast. Contact: Per Knutsson

Genderanalys av EU:s fiskepartnerskapsavtal (FPA) med utvecklingsländer. Contact: Per Knutsson

Controversial Corridors: A study of social, environmental and security dynamics along the development corridor LAPSSET. Contact: Per Knutsson Jan Bachmann

Conflict Resolution in Urban Planning: The Role of Multilevel Knowledge Integration. Contact: Merritt Polk

Investigating the driving forces and spread of antibiotic resistance: the case of marine aquaculture in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Contact: Per Knutsson

Human Rights

The Scandinavian rights revolution: Individual rights, civil society mobilization and democratic change. Contact: Johan Karlsson Schaffer

The relationship between Swedish Samis and the state. Contact: Peter Johansson


Navigators of the "in-betweeen": Brokers manouvring il/legal terrains of gendered labour migration control between Nepal and the Gulf countries. Contact: Susanne Åsman

Re:heritage. Circulation and marketization of things with history. Contact: Anna Bohlin

Water citizenship: Negotiating Water Rights and Contesting Water Culture in the Peruvian Andes. Contact: Karsten Paerregaard

Non-Western medicine and healing among Somalis. Contact: Johan Wedel

Indigenous people and climate change. Contact: Dan Rosengren

Indigenous people and climate change - conflicting epistemologies in Latin America. Contact: Dan Rosengren

Islam and local traditions in tense relationships: the role of ancestors in shaping the political future of Indonesia. Contact: Jörgen Hellman

Moving South: Analyzing the development potential of the new Portuguese migration to Angola and Cape Verde. Contact: Lisa Åkesson

Coping with recurrent emergency: the self-organisation of civil society in Jakarta during flooding. Contact: Marie Thynell

Häxeri, modernitet och lag: En jämförande antropologisk studie. Contact: Johan Wedel

Research assignment and scientific consultation in connection with the Public Health Agency's mandate to carry out efforts to prevent problem gambling. Contact: Per Binde

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