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Conference panels

The following conference panels are open for paper proposal. Click the titles to open as PDFs.

Panel sessions are 90 minutes long and consists of 4-5 papers plus one or two conveners/chairs and discussants. Larger panels will be spread across two or more 90-minute sessions.

Click the button "Call for paper proposals" to get the call as a PDF. To submit a paper proposal, please click the button "Submit a paper proposal" and start the submission process by creating an account in the online submission system. You will find more detailed information about the form and length of you paper proposal; how to choose panel(s); how to apply for the travel grant for researchers from the Global South, once an account has been created.

Deadline for paper proposals is 23 February.


(Un)sustainable migration regimes: experiences from the Global South
"Africa Rising": utopic or real normative power?
Air pollution in developing regions; climate and health
Animal health in development
Antagonism and development: rethinking the essentialist foundation of development mainstream discourses and practices

Big push and great letdown: on the ambivalence of development zones and corridors

Bridging the political/civil divide: civil society rights mobilization and political change
Colonial legacies, postcolonial ‘selfhood’ and (un)doing development in Eastern Africa
Colonial legacies, postcolonial ‘selfhood’ and (un)doing development in the Global South
Critical approaches to compact cities and informal settlements in an urban world
Development and gender: present perspectives and new frontiers

Development and religion: what are the links? Why should we care?
Development in a hostile climate: exploring the adaptation–development nexus
Development, right wing populism and state violence
Development: inclusive or exclusive for people on the margins
Digitization and development
Disaggregated analyses of aid effectiveness
Discontinuities in the post-colonial nation-building project in Africa: understanding the causes of state collapse in Africa
Electoral integrity in a variety of regimes
Envisioning urban futures from multiple angles

Exporting Nordic goodness: critical perspectives on the humanitarian superpowers
External influence over regional organizations and regionalism
Feminist foreign policy and feminist aid: rethinking gender and devlopment?
Good governance and public goods: the challenges of efficient service delivery in the developing world

How rituals act as connectors of space and time, displacing local and traditional practices to national urban and international spaces

Integrated approaches to SDG implementation - what does it really mean?
New frontiers in land and resource tenure research

Ownership in a changing world of development cooperation
Peace education and quality education
Peacebuilding amidst violence
Power, resistance and social change
Privatization and marketization of development aid
Reconfiguring power: investors, ruling elites and local populations
Reflecting on the role of local context and collaboration in transdisciplinary development research

Researching LGBTQ rights in restrictive contexts: theories, methods, ethics
Researching the local: from context to knowledge
Resistance between contention and counter-hegemony: towards an understanding of social development as enacting alternatives

Restore more - it’s all about multifunctional landscapes
Rethinking development and land in the context of the Paris Agreement on climate change
Rethinking development research: objects and subjects in development studies
Rethinking water and sanitation services - can we balance immediate and future needs?

Searching for Another Development through nonviolence and communication
The critical role of political elites in development
The Global South as laboratory? the politics of experimentation and intervention in contemporary global development

The legitimacy of governing development
The materiality of/in development: new critical perspectives

The opportunities and challenges for aquaculture to act as catalyst for blue growth and food security

The opportunities and challenges in urban and peri-urban agriculture and the role for science-based policies and practice

The politics of the Sustainable Development Goals
Towards an understanding of how result measurements and management hinder

Understanding the challenges in securing women migrant workers’ rights in the global world
Urban violence: causes, consequences and characteristics
Water management for food production in an era of changing development agendas


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