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Power, Resistance and Social Change

The research group Power, Resistance and Social Change, at the University of Gothenburg, is a platform for interdisciplinary research. The research group sprung out of an interest in resistance as a phenomenon, which embrace activities, which are to be seen as constructive, productive, invisible, grand, hindering or up-scaled. Resistance, from this perspective, might challenge, change or even produce power.

The research group is a site of learning and creatively and collectively interpreting pressing societal challenges, resistance as an engine of change, and power as both a biopolitical as well as a disciplinary, discursive and sovereign phenomenon.

The members pursue many forms of concerted work and the research group provides a collaborative platform for converging, theoretical and empirical, research interests within the field.

One of the main research interests revolve around how power operates in contemporary society and how power-relations change as well as interact with different forms of resistance or other change-initiating practices. We address among other things the establishment of truth regimes, questions of subject formation, identity and belonging, the relationship between government and materialities as well as resistance performed by acts, texts, signs, identities and language.

Pågående projekt:

2018-2021: Vetenskapsrådet
En studie om motstånd och dess inverkan på demokratiseringsprocesser
Mikael Baaz, Mona Lilja (huvudansökan), Michael Schulz och Stellan Vinthagen.

2017–2020: Vetenskapsrådet
RECONCILIATORY HERITAGE – Reconstructing Heritage in a Time of Violent Fragmentations
Michael Landzelius (huvudansökan), Mikael Baaz, Evren Uzer von Busch, Klas Grinell, Feras Hammami, Mona Lilja och Ola Sigurdson.

2015–2020: Vetenskapsrådet
The Futures of Genders and Sexualities. Cultural Products, Transnational Spaces and Emerging Communities
Lena Martinsson (huvudansökan), Anna Johansson, Linda Berg, Pia Laskar, Diana Mulinari, Cathrin Wasshede, Erika Alm, Mikela Lundahl och Mona Lilja.

Social sustainability, water infrastructure and the making of a post apartheid South African state
Postdok-projekt, Sofie Hellberg.
Forskningen fördelas mellan Institutionen för globala studier och School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.


Interna sidor för gruppdeltagare (GUL)


Mona Lilja
E-mail Tel: 031-786 5819

Michael Schulz
E-mail Tel: 031-786 1380

Sofie Hellberg

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