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Orville Beckford

Professor Orville Beckford has a background in business, politics, culture and sociology. He currently teaches history, sociology and culture at the UWI, Mona.

“My emphasis in sociology presently is on development, sociological theory and the sociology of education. I think that with more inclusion of the sociology of education in teaching, the teachers/lecturers would be in a better position to understand their 21st century students and all the social issues contained in the dialogic of teaching in this contemporary period,” says Professor Beckford.

“My PhD thesis was titled, ‘The Missing Dialectic: An evaluation of the courses in the department of Management Studies (UWI) for cultural content and relevance to Caribbean development in the 21st century’. How we teach and what we teach to who we teach, are of equal relevance to education in the present period.”

“Although I am concerned with the teaching of sociological and cultural theories, I am concerned with the postmodern behaviour of our students in this contemporary period. Hence, I put a lot into my teaching and is a member of my faculty of social sciences Teaching and Learning Committee.
I spend some time understanding the behaviour of marginalized people and the many factors - historical and contemporary, that influence their behaviour.”

During his time here at the School of Global Studies, Professor Beckford will be conducting lectures and seminars on selected issues as well as completing a PhD course in the sociology of education for delivery on his return to Jamaica.

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